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Description of the drug: Hemostatic collagen sponge (Spongia haemostatica collagenica)

SPONGE HEMOSTATIC COLLAGEN (Spongia haemostatica collagenica).

Prepared from a mass of collagen, 2% collagen solution with the addition of furatsilin and boric acid.

Dry porous mass of yellow color in the form of plates, soft elastic consistency, well absorbing liquid. Virtually insoluble in cold water, partially soluble in hot.

It has a hemostatic and antiseptic effect, stimulates tissue regeneration. Left in a wound or cavity is completely absorbed.

It is used as a hemostatic agent for capillary and parenchymal hemorrhages, for tamponade of the dura mater sinuses, for stopping alveolar hemorrhage, filling defects of parenchymal organs, etc.

The hemostatic effect of the sponge is enhanced if it is further moistened with a solution of thrombin.

Contraindicated in bleeding from large vessels, hypersensitivity to furacilin and other nitrofuranam.

Release form: plates measuring 5 x 5 or 10 x 10 cm, packed in polyethylene bags and packed in cardboard bags.

Storage: in a dry, dark place at room temperature.