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Description of the medicine: Bromcamphora (Bromcamphora)

Bromcamphora (Bromcamphora).

Synonyms: Camphor bromide, Camphora monobromata.

Colorless crystals or a white crystalline powder of camphor smell and taste. Easily soluble in ether (1: 2), alcohol (1: 9), chloroform; very slightly soluble in water.

Like other bromides, it has a calming effect; In addition, it improves cardiac activity. Applied with increased nervous excitability, neurasthenia, cardiac neurosis.

Assign inside (after eating) in powders, tablets for adults 0.15-0.5 g; children under the age of 2 years old - 0.05 g, 3-6 years old - 0.1 g, 7-9 years old - 0.15 g, 10-14 years old - 0.15-0.25 g. Accepted 2-3 once a day.

Method of release: powder and tablets of 0.15 and 0.25 g,

Storage: in well-sealed jars of orange glass in a dark place.

Rp .: Tab. Bromcamphorae 0.25 N.10