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Medication Description: Decylate (Decilatum)

DECYLATE (Decilatum).

A solution of 2-methyl-7-ethylundecyl-4-sodium sulfate.

Synonyms: Trombovar, Obliterol, Sotradecol, Tergitol-4, Trombovar, Varicol, etc.

Available in 1% and 3% solution (in phosphate buffer) in ampoules of 2 ml. Transparent colorless liquid.

Decylate is a venosclerosing drug with surface-active properties. The solution of decylate, when injected into the veins, causes thrombus formation with the subsequent organization of a blood clot and its accretion with the vessel wall.

Used for conservative injection sclerosing treatment of varicose veins of the lower extremities. The drug is used in the treatment of patients with primary and uncomplicated forms of moderately pronounced varicose veins, as well as with the disseminated type of varicose veins, when surgical removal of all varicose areas is practically impossible. In complex therapy, the decile is used in combination with surgical treatment, as well as in the postoperative period for sclerotherapy of "disabled" varicose tributaries of the subcutaneous veins.

Treatment with decial is carried out only with absolute confidence in the good patency of the deep and communicative veins of the lower extremities. Before conducting a course of venosclerosis therapy, it is necessary to make a trial introduction of the decial to identify possible individual intolerance. Before the introduction of the drug, when the patient is standing, one of the most pronounced distally located varicose nodes is selected, into which a needle is inserted perpendicular to the skin surface (without a syringe). As soon as blood begins to flow from the needle, the patient is laid on his back, and the leg is lifted at an angle of 30-40 '. After the introduction of the decial, the puncture site is pressed with a sterile gauze ball, and the needle is removed. The puncture site is closed with a bandage, the leg remaining in the raised position is bandaged with an elastic bandage from the toes to the upper third of the thigh. To prevent a possible damaging effect of the decial on the endothelium of the deep veins with their subsequent thrombosis, patients immediately after the injection of the drug should walk vigorously for at least 2 to 3 hours.

If it is necessary to conduct a phased injection-sclerotherapy treatment, the hardening of the superficial veins starts from the side branches, and the last vein is injected into the main venous trunk.

With moderate varicose veins and the presence of soft, easily falling knots, use 1% decile solution, and in the presence of large nodes with thickened dense walls - 3% solution of the drug. In one session of therapy, the drug is administered in 2 to 6 points of 0.5 to 2 ml each.

In the presence of an extensive and widespread varicose process, the injection of a solution of the decylate is repeated 2 to 10 times at intervals of 3 to 5 days. The maximum amount of the drug per course of treatment is 6–30 ml of 1% solution and 4–10 ml of 3% solution.