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Medication Description: Histidine (Histidinum)

Histidinum (Histidinum).

L- b -Imidazolylalanine, or L-a -amino-b- (4-imidazolyl) -propionic acid.

Synonyms: Gerulcin, Herulcin, Laristin, Larostidin, Stellidin.

Available in the form of histidine hydrochloride (Histidini hydrochloridum).

Synonym: Histidinum hydrochloricum.

Transparent colorless crystals or white crystalline powder of a slightly acid taste. It is soluble in water, very little in alcohol; pH 4% aqueous solution 3, 6 - 4, 4.

Histidine is an essential amino acid; contained in various organs, it is part of carnosine, a nitrogenous extractive substance of the muscles. In the body undergoes decarboxylation with the formation of histamine (see).

Histidine hydrochloride is proposed for use in the treatment of hepatitis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. There is also evidence of the beneficial effects of the drug on lipoprotein metabolism in patients with atherosclerosis.

Enter intramuscularly in 5 ml of 4% solution daily for 25 to 30 days. Then appoint 5-6 injections every 2 to 3 months.

Product form: 4% solution in 5 ml ampoules.

Storage: in a cool, dark place.