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Medication Description: Casein Hydrolyzate (Hidrolysatum Caseini)

HYDROLYZATE KAZEINA (Hidrolysatum Caseini).

The product obtained by acid hydrolysis of milk protein - casein. Contains a solution of amino acids and the simplest peptides. The content of total nitrogen is 0.7 - 0.95%; amine nitrogen is 40 - 60% of total nitrogen, the content of tryptophan is not less than 15 mg per 100 ml.

Clear yellow-brown liquid with a specific odor; pH 5, 7 - 6, 7.

Used as a source of protein for parenteral nutrition.

Indications for use, methods of administration and contraindications are the same as for the solution of hydrolysin.

Product: in hermetically sealed vials of 400 ml.

Storage: at a temperature of - 10 to + 23 'C.