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Description of the medicine: Disol, Trisol, Acesol, Chlosol, Kvartasol solutions (Solutio "Disolum", "Trisolum", "Acesolum", "Chlosolum", "Quartasolum")

SOLUTIONS "DISOL", "TRISOL", "ATSESOL", "KHLOSOL", "QUARTASOL" (Solutio "Disolum", "Trisolum", "Acesolum", "Chlosolum", "Quartasolum").

All solutions are balanced combination preparations containing a solution of sodium chloride and other salts with medical use.

In 1 liter of disol contains sodium chloride 6 g, sodium acetate 2 g; in 1 l of trisol - sodium chloride 5 g, potassium chloride 1 g, sodium bicarbonate 1 g; in 1 l of acesol - sodium hloride 5 g, potassium chloride 1 g, sodium acetate 2 g, in 1 l of chlorosol - sodium chloride 4, 75 g, potassium chloride 1, 5 g, sodium acetate 3, 6 g; in 1 liter of quartasol - sodium chloride 4, 75 g, potassium chloride 1, 5 g, sodium bicarbonate 1 g, sodium acetate 2, 6 g.

All preparations are colorless transparent solutions of a slightly alkaline reaction.

The solutions have a hemodynamic effect, reducing hypovolemia, inhibiting blood thickening and the development of metabolic acidosis, improve capillary circulation, increase diuresis, and have a detoxifying effect.

They are used to combat dehydration and intoxication of the body in various diseases (acute dysentery, food toxicoinfection, etc.), including cholera (El Tor).

The solutions are administered intravenously (in a jet or drip) in the quantities necessary to restore the volume of fluid lost with stool, vomit, urine and sweat.

In severe forms of the disease, they begin with a jet injection, then switch to drip.

Before administration, the solutions are heated to +36; +38 C.

Of all these solutions, recent preference is given to the new drug quartasol.

When using trisol, acesol, chlorosol, quartasol containing potassium ions, it is necessary to take into account the possibility of developing hyperkalemia.

Release form: in bottles on 100; 200 and 400 ml.

Storage: at room temperature.