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Medication Description: Lactasol (Lactasolum)

LACTASOL (Lactasolum).

It has a detoxification and hemodynamic effect, increases diuresis, enhances the effect of salt diuretics, is very effective in burn shock.

Applied with acute circulatory disorders, accompanied by dehydration, with burns, hemorrhagic, operative and postoperative shock, peritonitis, diarrhea of ​​various etiologies, as well as metabolic acidosis.

Injected intravenously in a stream or drip. If necessary, combined with the infusion of blood, polyglucin, plasma, etc.

Contraindicated in alkalosis, especially decompensated and (like other similar solutions) in the presence of contraindications to the introduction into the body of a large amount of fluid.

Form release: 400 ml bottled.

Storage: under normal conditions.