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Description of the medicine: Petrova tablets (Petrovi)


Contain sodium chloride 1.5 g, potassium chloride 0.02 g, calcium chloride 0.01 g.

Tablets of white color, salty taste. Soluble in water.

Designed for the manufacture of a blood substitute Petrov, consisting of a solution of a salt mixture obtained by dissolving one tablet in 100 ml of sterile water for injection with the addition of 10% blood.

The resulting solution is filtered through a paper filter, poured into sterile ampoules or flasks and sterilized in an autoclave at a pressure of 1 bar for an hour. After autoclaving, the stopper of the flask is poured with sterile paraffin. Immediately prior to transfusion, the liquid is heated to a temperature of + 38 ° C and homogeneous and compatible canned blood is added to it at the rate of 10% of the volume of saline solution.

Used in the treatment of shock, acute blood loss, with anaerobic infections, sepsis, secondary anemia.

Enter into a vein by a jet or drop method up to 2 l per day.

In the absence of canned blood, only one saline solution can be used; in action, it is similar to other saline solutions that do not contain colloids.

Release form: tablets in glass jars of orange color.

Storage: in a dry place.