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Medication Description: Glucosolan (Glucosolanum)

GLUCOSOLAN (Glucosolanum).

In addition to parenteral administration, saline solutions may in some cases be administered orally (during dehydration of the I-II degree).

For oral administration use a mixture containing 3, 5 g of sodium chloride, 1, 5 g of potassium chloride, 2, 5 g of sodium bicarbonate or 2, 9 g of sodium citrate and 20 g of glucose ("oral rehydration salt). The mixture is dissolved in 1 l warm (40 - 42 'C) boiled water immediately before use.

1 bag of Regidron * dosed powder contains 3, 5 g of sodium chloride, 2, 5 g of potassium chloride, 2, 9 g of sodium.

Glucosolan contains rehydration salt and is available in the form of tablets.

Glucosolan includes two types of tablets. Tablets "Solan" each contain 0.35 g of sodium chloride, 0.15 g of potassium chloride, 0.25 g of sodium bicarbonate or 0.29 g of sodium citrate. Separately, 4 tablets of glucose (0.5 g) are added to each tablet "Solan" (only 2 g of glucose). Thus, each small dose of glucosolan corresponds to 1/10 of the dose of the above oral rehydration salt.

Glucosolan is produced in the form of a set of 10 tablets "Solan" and 40 tablets of glucose, that is, a full dose of the rehydration salt.

Tablets "Glucosolan" dissolved before use in an appropriate amount of water.

They are used not only for infectious diseases, but also for the prevention and treatment of disorders of water-salt metabolism during thermal and severe physical exertion, leading to significant loss of fluid by the body.

Take glucosolan inside, regardless of the meal. Before use, the contents of packages, including salt mixture and glucose, are dissolved in 1 liter of boiled water (for therapeutic purposes) or in 2 liter of water (for prophylaxis). Tablets (1 tablet "Solana" and 4 tablets of glucose) are dissolved in 100 ml of boiled and cooled water.

In diarrhea, the drug is taken for 6-7 hours, 1 to 2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) every 3 to 5 minutes, or the mixture is administered through a probe. In mild form of diarrhea, the drug is taken in 40 - 50 ml per 1 kg of body weight, in conditions of moderate severity 70 - 80 ml / kg. Newborn and younger children are prescribed glucosolan 2 to 3 teaspoons.

In the case of seizures and other disorders of water and electrolyte metabolism associated with overheating and dehydration (polyuria, increased thirst), glucosolan is taken in fractional portions (100-150 ml) from 500 to 900 ml of solution for the first 30 minutes. Every 40 minutes, taking the drug in the same amount is repeated until the symptoms of heat damage and water electrolyte deficiency are eliminated.

For the prevention of violations of water-electrolyte metabolism caused by extreme heat and physical loads, taking glucosolan solution should be started with small sips when thirst appears and stop as it is quenched.

Product form: tablets "Solan" in a contour package of 10 pieces and glucose tablets (0.5 g each) in a contour package of l0 pieces; 10 packs of Solan tablets and 40 packs of glucose tablets in a box.

Storage: in a dry place.