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Medication Description: Citraglucosolan (Citraglucosolanum)

Citraglucosolane (Citraglucosolanum).

Glucose electrolyte mixture. Available in packs of 2, 39; 11, 95; 23, 9 g, respectively, containing sodium chloride 0.35; 1, 75 and 3, 5 g; potassium chloride 0,25; 1, 25 and 2, 5 g; sodium citrate 0,29; 1, 45 and 2, 9 g; glucose 1, 5; 7, 5 and 15 g.

White powder, soluble in water; the solutions are colorless, odorless, salty-bitter in taste.

In composition and action close to glucosolan. Glucose is part of the mixture of citraglucosolane, and is not included in the form of individual tablets. Indications for use are the same as for glucosolan.

Is ingested regardless of the meal. Pre-dissolve the contents of the bag in warm (35-40 C) boiled water.

For therapeutic purposes, the contents of the package with 2, 39 g of the mixture is dissolved in 100 ml; 11, 95 g - in 500 ml; 23, 9 g - in 1000 ml of water. For preventive purposes, respectively, in 200; 1000 and 2000 ml.

If diarrhea is given to adults every 3–5 min, 50–100 ml for 3–5 h (if necessary, administered through a probe). Newborns and younger children - 5 to 10 ml (1 to 2 teaspoons) every 5 to 10 minutes for 4 to 6 hours.

The drug is prescribed again until the termination of diarrhea and recovery of water electrolyte metabolism.

When violations of water-salt metabolism associated with overheating and dehydration of the body (thermal cramps, etc.), give fractional doses of 100 to 150 ml (up to 900 ml) for the first 30 minutes, then in the same quantities every 40 minutes.

For the prevention of dehydration in case of overheating and heavy physical exertion, it is taken in small sips if thirst appears (until it is quenched).

Form release: in packages of 2, 39; 11, 95 and 23, 9

Storage: in a dry place at room temperature. Solutions can be stored at a temperature of + 4 "C no more than 24 hours.