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Description of the drug: Polyvinylpyrrolidone solution 15% for injection (Solutio Polyvinylpyrrolidoni 15% pro injectionibus)

POLYVINILPYRROLIDONE SOLUTION 15% FOR INJECTION (Solutio Polyvinylpyrrolidoni 15% pro injectionibus).

Transparent yellow liquid with a slight specific odor of polyvinylpyrrolidone; pH 5, 2 - 7, 0; relative viscosity from 7, 0 to 15, 0.

Polyvinylpyrrolidone is used not only for the manufacture of plasma-substituting solutions (see Hemodez, Neogemodez), but also as a substitute for synovial fluid. For this purpose, polyvinylpyrrolidone with a molecular weight of 35,000 + 5000 is used, which forms colloidal solutions with water.

The solution of polyvinylpyrrolidone (15%) is similar in physical properties to the synovial fluid and is used as an artificial substitute for this fluid in diseases of the joints, accompanied by its absence or lack in the joint space.

The introduction of the solution into the joint cavity improves the sliding of the articular surfaces and prevents the development of adhesions.

Apply the drug for primary and secondary deforming arthrosis, mainly with lesions of the joints of the limbs with functional insufficiency without pronounced symptoms of secondary synovitis.

Introduce the solution intra-articularly in compliance with all the rules of asepsis 1 2 times a week. The solution remains in the cavity for 5 to 6 days.

The amount of solution depends on the volume of the joint. Into the hip joint 4–6 ml are usually injected, in the knee 5–10 ml, in the ulnar 2–3 ml, in the interphalangeal joints 1, 0–1.5 l.

The course of treatment consists of 4 - 6 injections. After 6 - 12 months, they repeat the course.

The drug is well tolerated. There is, however, evidence that in patients with a pronounced local process there may be an increase in the symptoms of synovitis and adverse changes in the composition of the synovial fluid (see above).

Product: in 5 ml ampoules.

Storage: List B. At a temperature of from - 20 to + 20 'C.