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Lovely floor and great solution

There is not the slightest prescription, what the life of a family with two working spouses should be in detail, but there is a goal to strive for. “This is not equality, says Dr. Gilbert, but justice, the feeling that everyone does or receives a fair share. Have you ever heard that two married people earn exactly the same and have exactly the same time? she asks. In the past, we, researchers, sought equality in marriage, and everyone came to the conclusion that there is no equality in marriage. ”
But equality is not everything. Good marriages are not necessarily based on equality or even on the carve equally, but on a sense of justice. That is, full confidence that your needs will be met. If not now, then later.
Karelia Roberts just such a marriage. Both she and her husband David occupy administrative positions in the Fortune 500 companies and raise two sons. In their family, the division of labor is quite traditional. “I don't think he ever cleaned the toilet,” says Caroline. On the other hand, I never had to change the oil in the car. In our family, I do most of the "female" work, he takes on "male work," and we both take care of the children. I would say that it all works. I'm very happy".
Caroline and her husband, along with other married couples in America, in which both husband and wife work, make new paths in our changing society, and this requires courage and foresight. They challenge traditions that condemn women to the kitchen and to the nursery, and men to premature death due to stress. They constitute the vanguard of the new revolution; these are people who liberate each other from the yoke of the old rules and, as Helen Burge said, develop new rules on the go.
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