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Another means to do without surgical intervention is a pessary, a uterine ring that covers the cervix and holds the uterus in an elevated position. “It is quite effective even in the third stage of omission,” says Dr. Thornton. But the uterine ring has its drawbacks. Firstly, it must be inserted by a doctor. Secondly, it goes down after being introduced inside and it is necessary to inflate it to such a state that it is convenient. Then it must often be washed and removed during intercourse. But, if you are not very active sexually or if surgical intervention is another alternative for you, the uterine ring may be your way out.
There is a surgical alternative to hysterectomy. You can do an operation that restores the position of the uterus. This is a rather complicated operation that is performed under general anesthesia, but if you want to save the uterus, you can consider this option.