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ligament rupture

Clinically, a torn ligament is characterized by the appearance of severe pain, impaired movement, hemorrhage into soft tissues, and sometimes into the joint cavity (hemarthrosis), its swelling, swelling. During palpation, fluctuation is noted, and when pressure is applied on the patella and released, it can be felt as it hits the bone, then rises again (a symptom of ballotting the patella). The main concern in these cases is to provide rest, to put a pressure bandage to fix the joint. After the resorption of hemorrhage from the end of 2 weeks after the injury, proceed to cautious active movements, physical therapy, physiotherapy procedures. With slow resorption of hemarthrosis, repeated punctures are shown for sucking blood and administering antibiotics. With extensive hemorrhages in the joint, scars and strands form on the synovial membrane, which sometimes lead to a significant limitation of joint mobility.