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Develop your abilities

Sometimes a choice made in adulthood hurts, because often, choosing one, you have to give up the other. For example, a woman who decides to write a book may be forced to abandon her dream of becoming a doctor of philosophy simply because she will not have time for either.
Fortunately, the pain you will experience when making your choice, as always happens at the time of birth, is directly related to the amount of preliminary preparation.
How to prepare yourself for such a birth? “If you come to the middle of life, having only a pretty face in your asset, you are in trouble, says Dr. Ochinkloss. But if you enter this time, possessing knowledge and skills that allow you to gain self-esteem and independence, then the years of maturity will become for you a time of creative activity and spiritual growth.
A woman who knows how to get down to business, for example, how to put money into circulation, teach children, write a book, put up a business in a restaurant or perform laboratory tests, will be aware of her value and use her knowledge and skills as a basis for further development. Essentially, her knowledge and skills are the material, using which she re-creates herself.
That is why many women in the middle of life begin to study, adds Dr. Ochinkloss. They feel the need for additional knowledge for self-improvement. The usual thing is when the “beauty queen”, who turned into a housewife and raised children, subsequently achieves a degree in mathematics. ”