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Real reality

Undoubtedly, being a single mother is not easy. “Know that it will be much harder than you thought,” warns Maria Mancusi, Ph.D., a psychologist from Springfield, Virginia who specializes in mother-child relationships. Like all parents, you draw in your imagination a picture of a future life with a child, and, in all likelihood, for you, as well as for married couples, it will be a revelation when you actually realize how difficult it is to raise a child. For a single mother, reality will be much more difficult, because she must go through all alone. "
The first thing that comes to the head of the mother, the lead solo part, is that she is "it." She carries the whole load, she wakes up at 2 a.m. to calm a crying child, she entertains him on rainy days, she leads the child through the stormy years of transitional age. Almost always she works, she has to arrange child care, take care of everything alone. When a child is sick, she has to stay at home, not go to work. When she gets sick herself, she needs to find someone to look after the child. “She has no rear, says Dr. Mancusi, there is no partner with whom she shares joys and sorrows. She could be in serious stress. ”
“I don’t think you can do everything yourself,” Matthes notes. You need people who can support you emotionally. Nobody deals with a child as much as you do, and from this a bitter feeling of loneliness. When your child takes the first step and says “mother” for the first time, no one is as excited as you. ”
But you need people who can take care of you. It is necessary to have a support group of relatives and friends who could provide assistance if necessary. “You need to know that there are people you can call in the middle of the night and they will come to your aid,” she says.