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Estrogen replacement therapy still has unpleasant side effects. Most often, there are complaints of fluid retention, breast tenderness and weight gain. And if you take progestin with estrogen, you may have bleeding that is similar to your menstrual flow. Rosin says that her most worried about weight gain and fluid retention, although she agrees to put up with it, as she is afraid of osteoporosis. As for weight gain, her doctor told her: “If you put less in your mouth, your stomach will not grow”.
Let's look at things a little differently. “Today, women live a significant part of their lives about 30 years after menopause, says Dr. Gold. With this change in life expectancy, we need to develop appropriate healthy habits in order for our bodies to serve us well all this time. ”
Estrogen replacement therapy is one example of healthy behavior. As Claris says, “This is your personal decision that you make with your doctor. You must use all the scientific data in relation to your state of health. "
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