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Jealousy and envy

These are conflicting and uncontrollable feelings. These are experiences that strike you suddenly and with such force that you may begin to have a tantrum; you will feel that everything is lost. Deep sadness and fear turn into nervous distress, an unbearable feeling of humiliation and bitterness.
In the worst case, these feelings can lead to suicide attempts, to persecution of the husband, even to murder. In the best case, you will be unpleasant when your best friend tells you that she just bought a second house, while you could not buy one.
Jealousy is perhaps the most powerful and less understood feeling.
“It’s completely normal to sometimes feel some jealousy,” admits Renee Norton, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the Montgomery Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can envy a colleague who has achieved success in work or who has a particularly successful relationship with others. There will always be tangible inequality in something, it is not surprising that this can cause a feeling of envy. ”

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