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Role models

Who is an example for you? Your mother? Your father? Margaret Mead, Meryl Streep, your French teacher, a woman who lives next door? This may be a celebrity or someone you know who you admire and want to be like.
“If you have someone who is an example for you, it can have a strong and positive impact on your life,” says Michel Paludi, Ph.D., coordinator of the Hunter College New York Mentoring for Women program.
The influence of such people extends to your whole life, even if they leave your life.
“When I was a little over twenty and felt insecure in life, at work I met a woman older than herself, who raised three children alone and was, like me, a reporter, recalls the 39-year-old Mary Cameron. She not only knew a lot of things that I had no idea about, she was absolutely self-confident. I learned from her what it means to be a good reporter and person. Over the years, I have learned many traits of her character. Sometimes, when I say something, it seems to me that I hear her voice, as if she were saying that. ”

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