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Happy new me

“Most people are extremely satisfied with the results of the operation, regardless of its type,” notes Dr. Gerber. And it is possible that the reason is the extremely careful selection of patients with realistic expectations. Although rumors spread the most enthusiasm, a number of scientific studies confirm the high estimate. Of the 120 patients who underwent rhinoplasty interviewed by Dr. Goin, 90 percent thought it was worth the operation.
If significant changes occurred in your appearance, for example, a very large nose turned into a small or strongly reduced chest, then time must pass before you can assess the changes that have occurred. With minor changes, addiction occurs almost immediately. “People get so used to the new look that they stop noticing the difference. I often had to bring their former photos to remind them how much they really changed, ”she says.
“I think I fully appreciated my new ears only after many months, says Barbara Aston. One day, I leaned over the table, doing petty work. My hair fell on my face, and I took it without thinking. I remember that, realizing this, I smiled, the old habit of hiding my ears under my hair was gone. ”
“Believe it or not, I was able to get into the clothes I wore in high school,” recalls Melita Koch, who was pulling up her stomach. I was so pleased with the results that after a few years I again turned to the same surgeon and performed an operation to reduce the breast. I felt great now. I had a sporty look, as I wanted, and no waving breasts and abdomen. ”
Michelle Fitzgerald said that her nose remained the same full face, as she wanted. “I was annoyed with a crook. She was removed, and my profile was great. I would like to go through life sideways, she sharpens. Michel also noted that now she can wear different hairstyles: I bought myself a lot of jewelry for hair, hairpins, butterflies, and now I often wear my hair picked up to show my profile. ”