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Sex is great

The second trimester has other charms. Your sex life may resume. Sex Explorers Masters and Johnson found that 80 percent of women reported a significant improvement in the sexual side of their lives compared to the first trimester; some even claimed that, before pregnancy, their sex life was not so good.
“It was great, recalls Carol Tucker, a writer and mother of two children, who believes that her sex life was better during pregnancy than in any other period of her marriage. The best thing was not to be afraid of getting pregnant! ”
Third trimester: sensory overload
At some point, your body, which may have brought you much joy in the preceding months of pregnancy, becomes awkward and overweight. You sadly say that you looked like a watermelon or a whale stranded on the beach.
Your body size and baby’s position make life very difficult in the last months of pregnancy. The movements of the child, previously soft, can now cause pain, because he grew up. You may experience shortness of breath, it can be difficult to get out of your chair or tie shoelaces on your shoes, without lifting your foot off the floor, if you see it at all. Your heart may ache, other pains and ailments appear. “Until the very end, I felt pain in the pelvic region, as if I were wearing very tight panties, although I was wearing only a dress,” recalls the writer Becky Stern, a mother of two children.
Emotionally, you may have a state of "sensory overload." Studies show that in the last months of pregnancy, the fears that tormented you in the first trimester are returning with a new force. You are worried about your health, the health of the child, you are afraid of the upcoming birth, worried that you have gained a lot of weight, you are worried about whether your chest will sag and whether stretch marks will remain on your stomach. You worry again if you can handle the role of the mother. If earlier this was thought of as the future, now the period of becoming a mother is inevitably approaching. You may be concerned about how your older children will react to the appearance of a newborn in the house. You are afraid to think how you will manage with all this.
But at the same time, you are already accustomed to thinking about your imminent transformation into a newborn mother, and perhaps you are trying to learn how to get rid of some fears. You can be helped by magazines, books, pregnant women whom you meet while waiting to see a doctor. Try to always be busy, do not leave yourself time to think about what awaits you ahead.
But the last trimester is not only a time of fear and despondency. It is also filled with hopes and anticipations. “I only thought that I could soon embrace my child,” recalls Lonny Hagstrom-Benner. I waited for this so much that I forgot what should precede it. ”