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Sex and infection

In cases where it is not possible to prevent relapse with antibiotics, your doctor may suggest that you undergo special tests to check how your bladder functions and make sure that you don’t have diabetes, tumors, kidney stones or urinary obstruction.
But often the cause of recurring infections remains unknown. Even so, much can be done to improve one's condition. For example, some women have found a link between urinary tract infections and the frequency of sexual intercourse.
“For women who have noticed a connection between the resumption of infection and sexual intercourse, we now recommend taking one antibiotic pill before sexual intercourse or immediately after it, says Dr. Whitemore. If you can assume that the problem is associated with the use of the vaginal diaphragm (cap of the CR) or sperm-destroying chemicals, we suggest trying another test for preventing pregnancy, for example, a cap worn on the cervix. Often this is enough to end the infection or relieve the severity of the problem. ”
If this does not help and the infection continues to spoil your life, then it is often advised to conduct a long preventive course of treatment, also called restraining therapy in small doses. Doctors found that one tablet of an antibiotic at night can in some cases save you from developing an infection with minimal side effects. For women with recurring symptoms of cystitis, doctors advise treatment on their own. They tell you which medicines are effective for the disease, and then supply you with medicines in reserve. At the first sign of infection, you have a short course of treatment. You do not have to call your doctor, wait for a call back, visit a doctor, take a prescription all this takes time and cost. You already know the signs of an emerging infection and you can start taking medication much earlier. You need to keep a medical diary and know what symptoms require a visit to the doctor.
If you're at an age when menopause is already behind, a simple thing like estrogen replacement therapy can bring relief. “Sometimes all that is required is to apply an ointment containing estrogen to the vaginal area,” says Dr. Whitemore.