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Sexual harassment

Jennifer Lady, a 30-year-old single mother with two sons, found a job in a small firm 10 minutes walk from her home. Less than a week, as her boss, a 36-year-old bachelor, who heads the family business with his mother, asked her to meet. She refused.
“I told him that I never get romance where I work,” says Jennifer, but he continued to haunt me. He could hang around my desk all day, ask if I needed anything, talk about trivia. Several times he offered to meet me, and each time I refused. All this made me nervous. He never hinted that in case of refusal I would be dismissed, but I always considered it quite likely.
In the end, he was the owner of the company. One day I suddenly saw him driving slowly past my house; my back chills ran. ”
Jennifer took a little time to find another job for herself, but she didn’t admit to any person why she left the former firm. “In any case, I didn’t really like the work, so I explained my decision. I wonder how it would all end if I stayed, ”she says.

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