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Siphon enemas

used with insufficient effect of cleansing enema, in debilitated patients, as well as the need for repeated washing of the colon, for example, before carrying out endoscopy of the intestine. Instead of the Esmarch cup, a large funnel is used. A long rubber tip (20-30 cm) is inserted into the connecting rubber tube, which is inserted into the intestine to a depth of 1015 cm. The funnel filled with water is lifted up to a height of 1-1.5 m so that water penetrates the intestine; As soon as the water level drops to the bottom of the funnel, it is quickly lowered down, while the fluid from the intestine with an admixture of feces and gases enters the funnel, it is poured out from there, and the funnel is filled with clean water. This washing is done 10-15 times (until there is no fecal impurities in the wash water).