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Clumsy syndrome

If you grew up in the 60s and could not boast of your innate abilities for sport, you probably have in your stock a story about unsuccessful attempts to practice any sport that has traumatized you. Maybe because of this you are still embarrassed to play sports. Beatrice Robinson, Ph.D., currently an avid tennis player, admits that she suffered from the clumsy syndrome.
“I remember in the seventh grade I participated in volleyball competitions and could not give the ball,” says Dr. Robinson, associate professor of psychology at the University of Minneapolis School of Medicine. What a humiliation! The worse I felt, the less able I was to deliver the ball. The whole team looked at me with conviction, and it hurt me to such an extent that I couldn’t bring myself to resume sports activities for a full ten years. I was sure that I was not able to do athletics. I think that so many women have experienced something like this at least once, and as a result, they made the same conclusion. ”
Fat women, to whom physical exertion could bring especially great benefits, more often than others receive mental injuries, which makes them go around health clubs far. “When I was young, I was fat, clumsy and moved a little, says Dr. Kolotkin. I was a classic example of a player who was taken to the team last. How do you persuade people to engage in sports for whom the body is a source of embarrassment and who cannot perform the exercises that are offered to you in the gym? ”