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Decreased thyroid activity

To diagnose a Bazedov disease, several blood tests are required. There are three methods of treatment: drugs, radioactive iodine and surgery.
Medicines are taken not only to stop the excessive production of hormones, but with the aim of causing remission. However, in most cases, in adults, long-term remission cannot be achieved, and at the next stage, the therapy with the use of radioactive iodine “atomic cocktail” is taken by mouth. The hormone-producing cells of the thyroid gland absorb iodine and die by radioactivity. As a result, the thyroid gland produces less hormones. If there are reasons that do not allow the use of radioactive iodine, surgically remove part of the gland.
Do not be surprised, but radioactive iodine has been used to treat hyperthyroidism for over 50 years. Doctors believe that this method of treatment is safe side effects are insignificant. "After treatment with radioactive iodine, the thyroid gland can be adjusted by daily hormone intake, as in the case of hyperthyroidism," says Dr. McFarland. In both cases, it is enough to take one tablet each day, and these tablets are cheap.
Marjorie started with taking medications designed to weaken the activity of the thyroid gland. But she had an increased sensitivity to them. She switched to radioactive iodine.
“Before the treatment, I barely had the strength to go to work, she recalls, not to mention household chores. And I was always on the verge of breaking down, you know, so nervous, wound up. After therapy with radioactive iodine, I immediately began to recover. But a year or more than a year passed before the hormone dose was adjusted and I felt that I had completely returned to normal. ”