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Chains of matrimony are chains, and who wants to voluntarily end up in chains? According to the 1990 census, 2.9 million couples in the United States said that they live together without formalizing their relationship to live together, that is, they live in a common area. And the number of such pairs is steadily increasing. In 1980 there were about 1.6 million. By 1985, there were about 2 million. Apparently, the time has come for just such a relationship.
Why it happens? First, it is more convenient to live together because it is more acceptable from the point of view of society. There are examples of well-established life for unmarried couples; most of them are celebrities, like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hon, living happily together.
In many cases, such a relationship justifies itself. For some, living together becomes a compatibility test, a temporary test of feelings. For others, this is the final version. Some women, especially once (or twice) unsuccessfully married, who are not going to have children, find such a relationship the best way out for themselves. There are women for whom it is important to feel psychological independence, they do not want to be "connected." For others, living together is the same as marriage, only without paperwork, the same strong connection with all obligations towards each other.
But, like any other kind of relationship, cohabitation has its flaws, which Pamela Armstrong discovered. Pamela, a producer from Washington, whose parents never formalized their relationship, lived for some time with a divorced man and with his two young children. Since at this time she was out of work, then, sitting at home, she took care of the children and led the household. Everything went well until Pamela fell ill.
“His income was 40 thousand dollars, and I was sitting at home with his children. But when I got sick, I had to pay for my treatment myself, since his medical insurance did not cover me, Pamela recalls. I soon left. I realized that I give much more than I get. I had no rights. I could not expect that he would take care of me, despite the fact that I was fulfilling the duties of my wife and mother. I understood that there is a reason in the marriage institute. Marriage protects a woman. ”

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