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You talked with your husband, with your doctor, with friends. And you decided that the time to give birth to children has passed. You have other ideas that may require all your time, all your energy and concentration of forces.
You do not need monthly disturbances, you will not need to take pills, enter, insert or use contraceptives in any other way.
So, you decided that either you or your husband should put an end to the possibility of having children.
Sookie Webster decided on this. Sookie was the eldest in the house where every dollar was counted. She had five brothers and sisters, and she remembered well how her father, who had a very decent income, was constantly tormented, not knowing how to feed six children. “He somehow managed to do it,” she recalls. But, since there were many children, Sookie lacked three things that the children really needed: clothes, attention and love. However, by the age of 28, Suki made up for lost time. She made a career and now had more exquisite outfits than most women have seen in her entire life, and a solid bank account. She revolved in a close circle of friends and colleagues, her husband Aron adored her.
The only thing that could disrupt the course of life that Sookie chose was a child. The child, Sookie thought, would require care and expense and, in addition, would deprive her of the opportunity to travel as much as she wanted. Sookie didn’t want this to happen, she didn’t want monthly disturbances either, so she asked her doctor to bandage her fallopian tubes. After 14 years, she said that not a split second repented of it.

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