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Twilight stupefaction

- A special kind of confusion, sharply beginning and suddenly stopping. It is accompanied by a complete loss of memory for this period. The content of psychopathological products can only be judged by the results of the patient's behavior. In connection with a profound disorientation of orientation, possible frightening hallucinations and delusions, such a patient is a social danger. Fortunately, with somatic diseases this condition is quite rare and is not accompanied by a complete detachment from the environment, in contrast to epilepsy (see).
A feature of confusion syndromes in somatic diseases is their attrition, short duration, rapid transition from one state to another and the presence of mixed conditions.
It should be directed, first of all, to the main somatic disease, because the mental state depends on its severity. Treatment can be carried out in the hospital where the patient is located, but two conditions must be observed.
Firstly, such a patient should definitely see a psychiatrist and give his recommendations. Secondly, if the patient is in acute psychosis, he is placed in a separate ward with round-the-clock observation and care. In the absence of these conditions, the patient is transferred to the psychosomatic department. If the disease of the internal organs is not the cause of mental disorders, but only provokes the onset of a mental illness (for example, schizophrenia), then such a patient is also transferred to the psychosomatic department (in severe somatic condition) or to a regular psychiatric hospital. Psychotropic drugs are prescribed by a psychiatrist individually, taking into account all the indications, contraindications, possible side effects and complications.
Prevention of somatogenic disorders should be aimed at the prevention, early detection and timely treatment of somatic diseases.