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Purulent inflammation of tendon sheaths develops as a result of direct exposure to microorganisms or as a result of the transition of the inflammatory process with purulent panaritium. Tendovaginitis is the most severe type of panaritium, causing, as a rule, changes from the general condition of the patient and leading to a prolonged violation of the function of the hand.
Tendon sheaths of the II, III, IV fingers begin from the base of the nail phalanges and end with blind bags. Tendon sheaths of the 1st and Vth fingers also begin from the base of the nail phalanges, but their ends are not soaked blindly, but communicate with the synovial bags of the palm - the radial and ulnar. The purulent tendovaginitis of the II, III, and IV fingers is characterized by swelling of the finger, its bent position, restriction of active movements, especially severe pain during movement, during extension attempts and with pressure using a button probe along the tendon. Patients complain of malaise, headache, fever.
In the first hours of the disease, a puncture of the tendon vagina with the evacuation of exudate and the subsequent administration of antibiotics is recommended. A puncture is done on the main phalanx of the finger. The tendon vagina contains no more than 1.5-2 ml of fluid, so antibiotics are taken in high concentration. To eliminate pain, administration is best done under general anesthesia.
In the absence of success of conservative treatment, an operation is performed that is performed in a hospital.
Wounds are drained by rubber graduates, they are carried over the tendon so as not to damage the mesentery, which can cause tendon necrosis. The brush and finger are fixed with a plaster cast. After 2 days, graduates retrieve and treat with physiotherapeutic procedures and gymnastics.