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The type of doctor you don't need

Dr. Thornton could have laughed at how Cheryl described her first doctor because her description exactly matched one of the categories of obstetricians and gynecologists in her own classification. She called this category "unfeeling gynecologist". And this is the worst option.
“Such a drill sergeant is especially disappointing because you expected her to show more understanding,” says Dr. Thornton. And she turns out to be as rough and callous as any man. You have the feeling that you have betrayed your own gender. ”
Dr. Thornton, in his book, calls the second unacceptable type of gynecologist "an insensitive male gynecologist." “For him, you are just an unhealthy object of applying his knowledge, an object that gives you the opportunity to practice,” she explains. He examines, announces whether you are healthy or sick, asks you to get dressed, says goodbye, a click and he has already disconnected. ”
One woman, remembering her gynecologist, for whom she had been observed for 10 years, said that one evening at one of the fundraising events he looked at her as an empty space, but enthusiastically welcomed her husband. “He had no idea who I was,” she says.
Another woman recalled that her gynecologist whistled something during the examination, and then announced that she probably would never be able to have children. “At that time I was 24 years old and what he said to me just killed me, she says. I hated him even more when another doctor later told me that it was not so. ”