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Difficult wait

“We try to make a diagnosis as quickly as possible,” says Dr. Massi, because the wisest psychiatrist will not be able to comfort a woman in this position and there is no miracle cure that would relieve the terrible fear that a woman experiences. Therefore, doctors must be very attentive, they must understand what a difficult time this is for their patients. ”
Dr. Laughan-Young in her patients usually observed two types of behavior, aimed at adapting to circumstances. One group wanted to talk to everyone about their illness, the other preferred to read all that was possible. “Both help, Dr. Massy notes, but I always recommend live communication. At such a time, one should not forget about relatives. You will need universal support. Of course, if a woman wants to read something on this topic, I offer her suitable books and articles. ”
Annette told her close friends and her two daughters about the upcoming biopsy and about everything that could follow. But she said nothing to her mother and sister. “I knew that until the result was known, they would simply be out of their minds,” she explains. I will have to console them, say that everything will work out. In addition, I felt that my husband, children and friends would support me.
After the biopsy was obtained, I called my mother and sister and told them what I had to go through, and also told them the good news that I had a benign tissue change, a fibrous cyst, and no cancer cells were found.
We cried together, and I had the best summer of my life, ”Annette concluded.
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