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Pelvic inflammatory disease

Facts: More than half of all cases of pelvic disease are sexually transmitted diseases. Did you know that?
If you are a white middle-class woman suffering from pelvic inflammatory disease, you will probably answer no. Why is that? “Most likely, your doctor did not want to present you with a picture in such a light,” said Dr. Penny Hitchcock, an epidemiologist and venereologist at the venereal disease department of the National Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Maryland. Venereal patients are still despised in our society. ”
Facts: One million women fall ill with pelvic inflammatory disease each year, of which 200,000 are teenagers. And every year, half of these women and girls remain barren. Did you know that?
If not, you should know this. Because pelvic inflammatory disease can have a devastating effect, both physically and emotionally. And almost always it can be prevented.
The disease is inflammation of the reproductive organs, which begins as a bacterial infection of the vagina and cervix, which then spreads to the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. This is a serious infection, often requiring hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics. Symptoms can be severe pain, often spasmodic, in the pelvic region, pain when urinating, chills, nausea; abnormal vaginal discharge is also common to the disease.
But about half of infected women have no or very minor symptoms, reports Dr. Hitchcock.
So it was with Annette Dwyer, a 33-year-old bank clerk who fell ill in her teens as a result of infection with chlamydia; this sexually transmitted infection "walked" at that time. “When I got sick, I had spasmodic pains and severe discharge. For almost a month I didn’t do anything, she recalls. I was afraid. But when abdominal pains intensified, I thought that maybe I had appendicitis. ”
Annette went to the doctor, who immediately suspected pelvic inflammatory disease. “When he told me how sick I was and how serious it was, I was very scared and told everything to the boy I met because he also had to be treated for chlamydia. But I never told my friends about it and didn’t want my parents to know about it. I was ashamed, I did not know what to do. ” Unfortunately, Annette remained barren.
Pelvic inflammatory disease is severely transferred emotionally. “Besides the fact that you have a sexually transmitted disease, the ability to have children may be questionable, says Dr. Hitchcock. A woman may not even suspect that in her youth she suffered pelvic inflammatory disease until she discovers that she cannot have children. This leads to very difficult experiences. ”

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