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Way out of crisis

You may need help in practical matters. In some cases, psychological counselors and support groups will help to cope with your problems, starting with financial matters and until you find a job or an opportunity to get a profession.
You may need new friends, especially those who understand your condition. “It is very difficult to transfer what you would never have believed, that some married couples with whom you were friends begin to move away from you,” Marvel admits. They do not know what to do with you. Some women fear that you will be interested in their husbands. Sometimes people try to cheer you up. This can be embarrassing. Sometimes it seems to you that you are treated like a child. ”
Often old friends, trying to cheer you up, only worsen it. “You’ll have to deal with people who don’t know what to say to you, or who say something like:“ You are still young, you will marry again ”or“ So much time has passed, pull yourself together, ”says Marvel.
If you don’t want to talk to others, or if you even do it, a diary can be helpful in which you will record your thoughts and feelings. Melissa, the author of children's books, kept notes every day. She found it to be soothing, especially when she felt that she could not find support in her struggle with grief. “I went back to the first diary entries and saw changes taking place in me, saw how far I had gone.”