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Shaking suspensions

Consist of the smallest powdery substances suspended in a liquid, for example, water and glycerin, water - glycerin and alcohol. At rest, the powders settle and a clear boundary is marked between them and the liquid. Immediately before use, the medicine should be shaken or shaken until a uniform suspension is obtained. Hence the other name of this dosage form - "talkers".
Powders deposited on the skin after evaporation of water remain on it a thin layer and because of glycerin are held for many hours. To this dosage form, depending on the indications, it is possible to add other medicinal preparations, for example, ichthyol, tar, etc. The chattle well calms the surface inflammatory processes and reduces unpleasant subjective sensations. Apply to the skin or with a soft brush or a piece of cotton wool wrapped around a stick. The chatter quickly dries out, the bandage is not required. Remove the beater by flushing with water.