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Stomach sensing

Removing the contents of the stomach using a probe. It is used for diagnostic purposes in cases of suspected stomach or duodenal ulcer disease, in conditions involving dysfunction of the stomach, and also as a method of treatment (gastric lavage in case of poisoning, nutrition of unconscious patients, etc.).
The procedure should not be carried out with gastric bleeding, narrowing of the esophagus, aortic aneurysm (protrusion of the aorta wall or expansion of its area), severe heart disease, hypertension, pregnancy, and others.
A thin probe to the root of the tongue is introduced to the patient sitting on the chair, then they are suggested to gradually swallow it to a certain mark. After that, within an hour, the contents of the stomach are pumped out, thus investigating the work of a hungry stomach. Then apply a stimulus of gastric secretion, usually a decoction of cabbage. After that, the contents of the stomach are also pumped out within an hour, exploring the work of the stomach after eating. It must be remembered that stomach sensing should be prepared in the same way as for duodenal intubation (see above).