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Septal hematoma

Hematoma of the nasal septum . Injuries to the nose are often accompanied by hemorrhage under the mucous membrane of the nasal septum with the formation of a hematoma. In the future, with the infection of a hematoma, an abscess may form.

Symptoms, course. A sharp difficulty in nasal breathing; with the development of an abscess of the nasal septum, an increase in body temperature, headache. With anterior rhinoscopy, soft, bag-shaped protrusions of a bright red color are visible. With purulent fusion of the cartilage of the nasal septum, a retraction of the nasal dorsum is noted.

Treatment. With a hematoma - suction of blood and a tight nose tamponade, with an abscess - wide opening of it and tamponade of the nasal cavity, antibiotic therapy; retraction of the nasal dorsum is corrected surgically (plastic surgeries - cartilage transplants, etc.)