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Foreign bodies of the bronchi

Foreign bodies of the bronchi in 80% of cases fall into the right bronchus, which is almost a direct continuation of the trachea. Dyspnea and cough are characteristic. If one of the lungs functions normally, then shortness of breath is mild. With complete obstruction of the lumen of one of the main bronchi, atelectasis of the lung occurs. Another lung is expanding emphysema. Sometimes a foreign body can act as a valve: when inhaling, air passes freely through the bronchus, and exhalation is difficult. In this case, the phenomena of emphysema develop. For diagnosis, X-ray examination of the chest organs is of great importance.

Treatment. Rapid removal of a foreign body from the trachea (with direct laryngoscopy or with tracheoscopy). If this fails, then a tracheostomy is performed with the subsequent removal of foreign heat. A foreign body from the bronchus is removed using bronchoscopy.

Prevention A large role belongs to health education. Remind parents and staff of kindergartens of the dangers of small items for young children. It is important to monitor the behavior of children during feeding.