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Barotrauma . Damage to the middle ear as a result of sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. Occurs during the explosion, work in caissons, for pilots and divers. With an increase in atmospheric pressure, if it does not timely level out in the middle ear through the auditory tube, the eardrum retracts, with a decrease, it protrudes. Sudden changes in atmospheric pressure are transmitted through the eardrum and the chain of auditory ossicles to the inner ear and adversely affect its function. Barotrauma can even be accompanied by rupture of the eardrum.

Symptoms, course. At the time of barotrauma, there is a sharp “blow” to the ear and severe pain. There is a decrease in hearing, sometimes dizziness, noise and ringing in the ears. If the eardrum ruptures, bleeding from the external auditory canal. With otoscopy, hyperemia, hemorrhage in the eardrum, sometimes its rupture, are visible. With hemorrhage in the tympanic cavity through a whole eardrum, you can see a characteristic dark blue translucency.

Treatment. If there is no rupture of the eardrum, then a lump of sterile cotton is introduced into the external auditory canal. If the membrane ruptures, gently inject sulfonamide powder or antibiotics, apply a sterile bandage to the ear. With damage to the inner ear, the treatment is the same as with cochlear neuritis.