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Pharyngomycosis is a lesion of the pharyngeal mucosa with leptotrix fungus. On the surface of the mucous membrane of the posterior pharyngeal wall, lateral ridges, in the gaps of the palatine tonsils, dense whitish formations appear in the form of spikes that fit tightly on the base. They arise due to increased proliferation of epithelium with keratinization. These spikes are clearly visible with pharyngoscopy. Long-term irrational use of antibiotics, chronic tonsillitis, hypoavitaminosis contribute to pharyngomycosis.

The course is chronic, not disturbing the patient; the disease is often detected by chance when examining the pharynx. Only sometimes does the patient indicate an unpleasant sensation of something foreign in the throat. In a laboratory study, leptotrix mushrooms are found in dense spikes.

Treatment. Lubrication of the mucous membrane and tonsils with a solution of Lugol with glycerin. Gargling and lacunae washing with 0.1% aqueous quinosole solution (2 times a week, only 8-10 times). With concomitant chronic tonsillitis, tonsillectomy is indicated.