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Handbook of medicines (program)

The “Handbook of medicines” contains information on 12 thousand medicines, including synonyms of names. With this program, you can easily find the medicines needed to treat the disease you have indicated. All drugs are divided into pharmacological groups.

Each medicine description contains the following information:

  • synonyms for this drug;
  • detailed description;
  • mode of application;
  • indications;
  • contraindications;
  • release form;
  • whether the medicine is on the list of discount medicines;
  • storage method.

Possibilities of the "Drug Directory":

  • The directory database contains information on more than 430 diseases;
  • The list of medicines included in the list of preferential medicines is included in the "Handbook of medicines". This list is approved by the MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION;
  • The directory database contains information on pharmacies and clinics in Moscow, the Moscow Region and St. Petersburg;
  • In the "Directory of medicines" there is a system for searching for drugs in pharmacies via the Internet. This system will help you quickly find a pharmacy in which the desired drug is available;
  • The search system allows you to find any information in the database;
  • Database editor allows you to add, change and delete information in the database. Database editing system is available only to those users who have a "Professional license"
  • The printing system allows you to display any information from the database to print;
  • The settings feature allows you to select fonts to display the interface, descriptions of drugs, printing.

Drug Reference 2007, Retail

Справочник лекарственных средств 2007

Attention! After unpacking, launch the prog loader! Start.exe, which always launches the prog in expanded form. Note that after unpacking and first launching the program, the final folder size will be 42.5 MB.

Download Drugs Reference 2007 sls2007.7z sls2007.7z Virus Free by KAV

Portable Medicines Handbook 2009

Portable Справочник лекарственных средств 2009

  • Software Version: 2009.0.0.0
  • Packed: Thinstall
  • Checked: WinXPx32 sp2, Vista x32, Win7 x32, Win2008R2 x64
  • Interface: Rus
  • Differences from the full version: no

Download Portable Drug Reference 2009 sls2009.rar sls2009.rar Virus Free by KAV