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4 morning treatments to start your day with

4 утренние процедуры, с которых стоит начинать свой день

So that health does not disappoint you, you need to monitor it regularly!

We know many different procedures, but the most effective are those that are performed in the morning after waking up.

They take a couple of minutes and bring great health benefits.

Equally important in this matter is regularity. The result will be noticeable if you follow these recommendations every day. You just need to get used to it :)

For the procedures you will need: lemon, water, honey, as well as hydrogen peroxide.

1. Tongue cleaning

4 утренние процедуры, с которых стоит начинать свой день

We all brush our teeth in the morning, but you need to remember such an important lesson as brushing your tongue. People knew about the importance of this procedure in ancient times. Avicenna strongly recommended incorporating tongue cleansing into daily oral care. You can do this with a toothbrush, or you can use a special scraper.

Why do I need to clean my tongue?

  1. You will get rid of bacteria that can enter the stomach and cause a variety of ailments.
  2. Bacteria in the tongue are a common cause of bad breath, as well as diseases of the oral cavity.

2. A glass of hot water

4 утренние процедуры, с которых стоит начинать свой день

Many people know how important it is to resume drinking balance after sleep. Heat unboiled, filtered water until hot. See that it does not boil. Pour a full glass and add a slice of lemon there or just squeeze a little lemon juice. Drink in small sips 20 minutes before meals.

How useful is such a simple drink?

  1. Water normalizes the digestive system. Prepares the body for food.
  2. Improves metabolism and promotes weight loss.
  3. Cleanses the liver.
  4. Lemon juice contains a large amount of trace elements (calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron), as well as vitamins of group B and C.

3. Honey before meals

4 утренние процедуры, с которых стоит начинать свой день

Ten minutes before breakfast, eat a teaspoon of honey and drink it with water. Honey should be natural and fresh.

Why eat a spoonful of honey in the morning?

  1. Honey is a source of vitamins and minerals. It contains a large amount of fructose and glucose, which give the body energy, help improve brain activity and increase efficiency.
  2. Increases immunity.
  3. This tool has antioxidant properties, helps the body withstand aging and body wear.

4. Rinsing the mouth with a solution of hydrogen peroxide

4 утренние процедуры, с которых стоит начинать свой день

After breakfast, rinse your mouth with a solution of water with hydrogen peroxide. Mix 5-7 drops of a 3% peroxide solution with 50 mg of pure unboiled water.

Why rinse your mouth with such a solution?

  1. Excellent prevention of tooth decay, dental diseases and gum disease.
  2. Bad breath disappears.
  3. Easy tooth whitening.

Do these procedures every morning, and your health will improve. If you liked the tips and you are not allergic to these funds, we recommend starting from the next day.

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