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Some myths about cancer

Несколько мифов о раке

Cancer does not spare anyone.

The insidiousness of this disease sometimes inspires people with an irrational fear, giving rise to many myths.

Can I get cancer, can cancer affect the development of cancer, diet and cell phones.

1. Cancer can be infected-No.

Cancer is the rebirth of the body's own cells, so you cannot get it from someone. Although there are a few exceptions to this rule.

The first is the cancer of the Tasmanian devils, the largest living marsupial predators. The disease, manifested by huge tumors on the animal's face, is transmitted directly to the cancer cells when the devils bite each other. For humans, this cancer is not dangerous.

The second exception is the types of cancer associated with certain viruses, such as human papillomavirus or hepatitis C. These viruses are most often sexually transmitted and significantly increase the risk of developing cervical and liver cancer, respectively.

Несколько мифов о раке

2. Cancer causes hair to fall out

Hair loss on the face and body is a consequence of chemo and radiotherapy, not the disease itself. Moreover, modern targeted methods have relatively little effect on the organism as a whole, so that patients often do not go bald.

3. Diet does not affect the appearance of cancer.

Many people believe that diet can not increase the risk of cancer. However, numerous studies have shown that some products statistically significantly increase the likelihood of getting a bad diagnosis. One of the most dangerous dishes turned out to be cooked on a grill, open fire or simply in a very hot frying pan meat or poultry. This method of cooking leads to the formation in the dish of heterocyclic amines - substances with proven carcinogenic properties. Regular consumption of food containing these compounds increases the risk of developing several types of cancer.

Несколько мифов о раке

4. Cancer - it always hurts

If this statement were true, far fewer people would die of cancer - simply because patients would have previously sought help. Often, pain appears only in the final stages of cancer. On the other hand, some types of oncological diseases are manifested by pain already at the initial stage, so you shouldn’t delay with visiting a doctor if you experience any symptoms that are not similar to your usual ailments.

5. Cell phones and other electronic devices cause cancer.

None of the large-scale population studies found a link between cell phone use and an increased incidence of cancer. But there is a very clear connection between regular conversations on mobile driving and an increase in the risk of accidents.

Несколько мифов о раке

6. The use of antiperspirant deodorant increases the risk of developing breast cancer.

This fear exists since antiperspirants appeared on the market, but all studies testing this hypothesis have given a negative result.

7. Injuries increase the risk of developing cancer in an injured area.

This belief was especially popular in the XIX century - even some doctors adhered to this point of view. Later studies have refuted such a hypothesis of cancer, although this does not apply to sunburn, which does increase the likelihood of developing skin cancer.

Несколько мифов о раке

8. Breast cancer occurs only in women.

This is not true. About 1,500 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the United States alone, and about 500 male patients die from the disease.

9. Life in a smoky metropolis contributes to the development of lung cancer much more than smoking.

Most likely, this myth was invented by smokers, trying to convince themselves that their habit is not so dangerous. But statistics say that cigarettes are still the main cause of lung cancer - they are responsible for about 87% of all cases of the disease. However, the ecology cannot be completely discounted: recent studies have shown that in recent years, cases of lung cancer have become noticeably more frequent among those who have never smoked. But the proportion of such patients compared with sick smokers is still negligible.

10. Pharmaceutical companies have long invented a cure for cancer, they simply hide it.

Many believe that the miracle cure has already been found, but pharmaceutical companies are hiding it in order to continue to make big money by selling ineffective drugs to patients. This is a myth: relatives and friends of drug companies die from cancer with the same frequency as ordinary people. In addition, cancer is extremely heterogeneous, so that it will not be possible to manage with just one drug.