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Myopathy is a violation of the contractile capacity of skeletal muscles, a sluggish atrophy of organs and muscles as a result of the death of the endings of nerve cells. The disease is hereditary, however, it is possible that myopathy can be the result of injuries or infections. The etiology of the onset of the disease is diverse: lack of B and E vitamins in the body, improper lifestyle, improper diet. Diseases are more common in men than in women.

Folk remedies for myopathy

  • Every day or every other day (depending on the state of health) it is recommended to make foot baths. Two tanks, a capacity of about 30 liters fill: one tank with cold water, the second tank - hot. First, lower the legs into hot water, keep until redness, then - for half a minute dip in a tank of cold water. Do this until seven times. After carrying out this procedure, complete the following action: put your feet in hot water for half an hour, then in a cold, one to two minutes. Keep your feet warm for a while. For greater efficiency, you can add a little bit of red pepper to the hot water. Also, for baths, use decoctions based on pine branches, oat straw, burdock root, hay rubbish, birch leaves. It is advisable in the evenings to do cleansing enemas.
  • Daily massage all parts of the body. Massage improves nutrition and blood supply of muscles, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates blood stasis throughout the whole body and in a separate group of muscles.
  • Twice a week it is useful to take hot baths with English salt (if there is none, you can substitute sea salt, sold in each pharmacy). About five kilograms of salt per 100 liters of water (approximately? Volume of a standard bath).
  • It is necessary to exercise every day feasible physical exercises. Physical exercise increases the strength and vitality of muscles, stimulates metabolic processes in the body.
  • The root of Angelica medicinal pour vodka at the rate of 4: 1. Infuse in a dark place for nine days. Before going to bed, rub the tincture of the hands, chest, legs and back. Lie down and wrap yourself up well with a blanket. Do rubbing every day, you can combine them with rubbing.
  • Wipe every day, up to three times a day, soaked in cold water, and then wrung out with a napkin. First, rub the chest, then back, then the limbs. The duration of the procedure is no more than two minutes, then it takes some time to be warm. You can add a little bit of apple cider vinegar (or usual if there is no apple cider vinegar). It's also nice to wipe the body and clean vinegar.