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Treatment of skin cancer with folk remedies

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Skin cancer is a malignant tumor from skin epithelial cells. Moles and warts can turn into cancerous tumors.

The causes of the disease. Skin cancer is usually found in older people, often on the skin of the face, in the place of long non-healing ulcers, fistulas, in place of scars. Excessive enthusiasm for sun tanning can also lead to this disease.

Manifestations of the disease. Seals appear, ulceration of certain areas of the skin.

Folk remedies for skin cancer:
  • Prepare an ointment from celandine (fresh juice): 1 part juice to 4 parts Vaseline or grass and petroleum jelly powder in a ratio of 1: 1. Lubricate affected areas.
  • Cancers on the skin are lubricated with carrot juice, and also take it inside.
  • Combine large celandine (grass) - 5 tablespoons, laxative joster (leaves) - 3 tablespoons, medicinal sweet clover (grass) - 3 tablespoons, meadow clover (grass) - 3 tablespoons, pharmaceutical repast (grass) - 2 tablespoons sowing carrots (seed) - 2 tablespoons, ivy budra (grass) - 2 tablespoons. Take, two tablespoons of the collection, pour 1.5 liters of boiling water, insist, strain. Infusion is used only for external use in the form of lotions.
  • Boil 100 g of young roots of burdock, pass through a meat grinder, add 100 g of sunflower oil and cook for another 1.5 hours, cool. Lubricate the affected areas with the resulting ointment.
  • Lubricate the affected areas with milky juice (letex) of milk, milk, lettuce or wild molokan.
  • Drink the fresh juice of the bedstraw present. Metabolism improves with skin cancer.
  • On an unopened wound, apply gruel 3 times a day from grated juicy carrots and chopped grass hemlock speckled, each time fresh. To the open wound, put gauze soaked in the juice of these plants 2: 1 (it is good to add 2 parts of the juice of the yarrow herb), change 5 times a day.
  • Apply fresh cottage cheese to the sore spot. At first it will dig and hurt, but then the wound will soften and clean. A case of curing cancer on the skin of the face in 2 weeks is known.
  • Take, without limitation, a decoction of swamp bog.