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How to detect negative energy in your home with a glass of water

Как обнаружить негативную энергию в Вашем доме с помощью стакана воды

Dissonance and imbalance are uncomfortable sensations, if you don’t know how to deal with it, how it can be harmonized. And most of these miraculous recipes are unknown. Therefore, let's talk about negative energy: how is it formed, how does it act, and what to do with it? If you have stress, depression, relationships in your family and at work, then, most likely, the normal circulation of energy is disturbed in your body and in your environment. You are overwhelmed with energy that destroys you, destroys your relationship with loved ones, colleagues. And if positive energy gives strength, then negative takes it away.

Believe it or not, the presence of bad energy in your home is not very fictitious. In fact, this is a genuine thing. Negative energy is a sign that strange things are starting to happen in your house: quarrels, problems, stress, etc. This indicates that the amount of existing negative energy is higher than positive.

How to reduce the amount of negative energy?

Many envious people tend to accumulate negative energy in your home, and everything goes wrong. They are not always jealous of your wealth, money, etc., they can envy your happiness. To put an end to negative fluids, watch this video, and always keep in mind that positive energy grows from positive thoughts. That is, the more favorable your thoughts are, the more positive energy you will bring to your home.