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Available products for cleaning the body from nicotine

Доступные продукты для очистки организма от никотина

Smoking - pyrolytic inhalation (inhalation of smoke) of drugs, mainly of plant origin, smoldering in a stream of inhaled air, in order to saturate the body with the active substances contained in them by sublimation and subsequent absorption in the lungs and respiratory tract. As a rule, it is used for the use of smoking mixtures with narcotic properties (tobacco, hashish, marijuana, opium, crack, etc.) due to the rapid flow of psychoactive substances into the brain. Also, the word smoking or burning means the burning or evaporation of incense and aromatic substances used in religious rituals, in aromatherapy and for the aromatization of air.

For countries and territories of the world that provide relevant information in WHO, the prevalence of tobacco smoking among adults varies from 4% in Libya to 54% in Nauru. The top ten countries in which tobacco smoking is most widespread include, in addition to Nauru, Guinea, Namibia, Kenya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mongolia, Yemen, Sao Tome and Principe, Turkey, Romania. Russia in this series of 153 countries ranks 33rd (37% of smokers among adults). However, despite the fact that, for example, the United States ranks 98th in this row (24%), the average per capita consumption of cigarettes here is higher than in many countries of the world with a higher smoking prevalence among adults. If the United States consumes an average of about 6 cigarettes per capita (that is, including children and all non-smokers), then in Russia it is less than 5. And the highest level of per capita cigarette consumption in Greece is almost 12 pieces per person per day. According to the latest WHO, the country with the lowest percentage of smokers in the world is Turkmenistan.

The fact that nicotine is terribly bad for a person is recognized by everyone, even smokers themselves, but it’s very difficult to get rid of this heavy habit. Cigarettes have a negative effect, both on the respiratory organs themselves and on other systems of the body, in spite of all the recent bans and price increases for tobacco products, people continue to smoke.

It is impossible to list all the terrible consequences of smoking, but today we will talk about those products that will help you to quickly remove nicotine from the body, if you still find the strength to quit this habit, or just to minimize its effect on the body, if you refuse to in the pleasure of smoking a few cigarettes you are not yet ready.

Recall that usually the physiological need for smoking disappears after a week of refusal from cigarettes. However, those harmful substances that are absorbed into the body, are displayed much longer. It takes at least 3 years, but the exact period of complete cleansing of the body depends on the intensity and duration of smoking. Let us help our body recover as soon as possible and begin to function normally after smoking.

1. Cabbage

The action of cabbage is directed not only to cleanse the body of toxins, but also to treat the stomach and intestines, including peptic ulcer. Thus, using cabbage, we act in two directions at once: we carry out a powerful detox and the prevention of diseases associated with smoking.

2. Garlic

Garlic contains allicin - a substance that helps eliminate toxins. In addition, garlic has a major cleansing effect on the respiratory and circulatory systems, which is especially important if we are talking about getting rid of the effects of long-term smoking.

3. Apples

Apples contain fibers that remove heavy metals, coping well with many other types of toxins. The most noticeable results of cleansing will be on the skin, which is suffering from dehydration, if you smoke regularly. In addition, the use of apples for cleansing the liver has been proven.

4. Celery

Celery is great at cleansing the blood. In addition, it is a powerful natural diuretic that helps remove accumulated toxins in a natural way.

5. Broccoli

Although we have already talked about cabbage as a whole, I would like to highlight broccoli, because this cabbage variety is a real strategic weapon in the fight against oxidative processes in the body provoked by smoking. B vitamins help all vital systems work smoothly, maintaining the necessary level of metabolism. And broccoli contains a large amount of vitamin C, the shortage of which smokers suffer.

6. Cranberries

This berry is not only very rich in vitamins and various trace elements that the body loses during long-term regular smoking, but also has a powerful detoxifying effect. In addition, the cranberry contains nicotinic acid, which is often called vitamin PP. It is she who will help you survive the difficult moment of giving up cigarettes.

7. Pomegranate

Pomegranate has a powerful antioxidant effect, neutralizing the negative effect of smoking on the cells of the body. This fruit also cleanses the blood and improves its circulation. And yet, pomegranate helps to cope with an upset stomach, which is often observed in heavy smokers.

8. Orange

Smokers are constantly depleting the reserves of vitamin C, which is so important for the body, which are rich in oranges. And if you make a smoothie, adding carrots to freshly squeezed orange juice, then this vitamin cocktail will help you strengthen the immune system and improve blood circulation, which will contribute to general detoxification.

9. Spinach

Spinach leaves contain large amounts of folic acid. It helps the tired body to fight the negative effects of smoking and accelerates the withdrawal of nicotine. Do not forget that any changes, including positive ones, are stressful for the organism. Regularly include spinach in your menu - and you will be a little easier to give up cigarettes.

10. Ginger

Ginger is considered to be a pantry of health and longevity. Its main advantage for those who have already stopped smoking or are seriously considering parting such a bad habit is a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, which needs to be restored after regular exposure to tar and nicotine contained in cigarettes.

At last

And finally, I would like to give a few more recommendations to those who want as soon as possible to get rid of all the negative consequences for the body caused by smoking.

First , try as much as possible to walk in the fresh air. This will enrich the body with oxygen and speed up the metabolism, which means toxins will be eliminated faster.

Secondly , go in for sports. The ideal option would be swimming.

And thirdly , if there are no contraindications, be sure to visit the bath or sauna. Under the influence of high temperatures, the pores open and along with sweat toxins leave the body.