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Nail extensions, manicure

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Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

Nails in the life of a woman or girl play a significant role, because it is the nails that emphasize the bright and individual style of the hostess. With the help of a manicure, it is easy to emphasize the elegance and originality of the owner of nails. What would your nails always look stylish and be healthy - read our website, with tips on nail care. If you want to create an original nail manicure, we strongly recommend to visit the nail gallery , which has a large number of nail design options. Sure, looking at them you will find something "your" suitable for you!

20 офигительных идей для французкого маникюра

20 great ideas for french manicure

Classic French manicure never goes out of fashion, because it fits any outfit.

Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

How to apply nail polish on nails

In order to keep your nails healthy and have a beautiful look, you need to learn how to apply nail polish on your nails.

Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

Changing the shape of nails without their extension!

The world is not perfect, but something can be corrected! Surely you have heard of optical illusions that make our eyes look a little different views.

Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

What shade is suitable for your nails?

Do you still think that nail polish should definitely be the same color as a lipstick, a purse or some kind of outfit? You are mistaken, and you are missing a lot, now the fashion has gone far ahead, but there are no such stereotypes.

Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

Do you have a lack of calcium in the body?

Surely everyone knows that your body really needs calcium for the growth of bones, teeth and especially nails! I propose to consider in this article how to get calcium , and in what quantities it is necessary for the body

Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

French manicure

This type of manicure was invented in the 70s of the last century and quickly attracted the attention of fashion lovers.

Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

Acrylic extensions

This type of manicure was invented in the 70s of the last century and quickly attracted the attention of fashion lovers.

Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

Nail care tips

Communicating with women about manicure at home, almost everyone has their own ideas about how to monitor their nails, but due to not knowing some aspects I often correct and give tips on how to make them even better, here is a short list of frequent tips, which a woman should know first.

Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

Classic manicure

As you know now there are different types of manicure, Classic, European, French, Beverly Hills, Spanish and others. Each of them is unique, requires certain skills and knowledge to create them, some of them are special manicure sets and maybe even equipment.

Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

European manicure

There are opinions that when cutting the cuticle, it becomes coarser and grows even faster. And the regrown cuticle will be littered with small burrs, which can be infected. Therefore, a European manicure is also considered a “non-trimmed manicure”, and it is also of two types.

Наращивание ногтей, маникюр

Fungal disease of the nail or "something grows under the nail"

Question of the site visitor: Hello, please tell me, what could it be? I have a problem with one nail. In general, the nails do not exfoliate, hard, the shape is beautiful .. And because of this problematic something grows. Not just there, but it is growing. It looks like hair, only hard. Top through the nail.

Modern nail design

If you are a happy owner of beautiful nails or extended nails, then it's time to think about such a transformation of your nails as modern nail design. This phenomenon in our country, it can be said, is new and there are not so many masters specializing in this industry, so let’s say it’s not a simple pleasure, but how beautiful it is! The popularity of nail design every day is becoming higher and more. There is no such person who would not admire a fish or a flower, with skill and elegance painted on the nails.

Modern nail design can be classic and this is probably one of the most difficult technologies, which can only be mastered by a specialist with an artist's instinct and a firm hand. Without skills and training just can not do. The design is made using special equipment - airbrush. Paints can be both water and oil. With the help of an airbrush filled with paint, the master creates a masterpiece on the nails of the young ladies. From this skill depends on how clear, small and artistic drawing will turn out. Paints can be on a varnish basis. But their structure is much harder, and the work of the master is significantly complicated, so the lacquer paint is diluted with acetone, so as not to make the drawing heavier and make it catchy.

Water, water, all around water

In general, the master prefer to use water-based paint. It is much easier to handle, it is washed off faster. It is absolutely impossible to damage the nail, covered with colored varnish. After all, nail design is usually done on a color coating. Typically, young ladies choose pictures that match the time of year. If this summer - then nails are decorated with butterflies and flowers, if winter - then snowflakes of the Christmas tree, if spring - then birds, if autumn - then leaves. Fashionistas prefer to comply with natural phenomena in everything, it is so pleasant to realize oneself as a part of it, especially with the help of such a pleasant phenomenon as a modern nail design.

Something about inkjet technology

Craftsmen usually use rhinestones and beads to create flowers. Gold and silver plating are not inferior to them in popularity. Stems and leaves are usually made of foil. Agree that the drawing created with the help of such beautiful materials can not go unnoticed. Larger elements of the picture are made by craftsmen using brushes of various sizes and manually. It is no longer possible to use an airbrush. Today, modern nail design is becoming available if you use a printer for nail design in the salon. Now the masters can not spend a lot of time on hand-painted nails, it is enough just to choose the right design, the shape of the nail and the drawing and that's it — the inkjet printing technology will do everything for you.

Design nails

In addition, there is the author's nail design, which is done by hand. You ask how it differs from the classic. We will reply with pleasure. The fact is that the author's design presupposes the presence of a pattern and a combination only in yours, like the unique owner of some special fish and flowers. To date, there are many materials for modern design - it is a gel, glue powder, liquid system, differing from each other in structure. Innovative things are very popular with fashionistas, as the design of all nails is different, but intertwined within the meaning of concepts and events. For example, an image on each nail of a zodiac sign or name written in a slave or other oriental language. At the same time on each nail will be a separate letter. By the way, piercing also refers to the design of nails. It can be as “inserted into the nail”, just to just pierce it through. As a decoration can act as a bead, and a pebble, as a ring, and all sorts of pendants and bells.

Remove the design and care

In the course of the nails, decorated with the design is no different from the care of the extended nails. Do not ignore temperature warnings. If you wash the dishes in hot water without gloves, then bubbles may appear and peeling begins. Hands it is best to moisturize with a special cream and wipe with a liquid, fixing the design and making it brighter. Remove the design, respectively, can only be in place with a fingernail. If you are doing the design on your own nails, it is best to contact the master.