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Caution! Medication! How to Treat a Cold (ODS)

Caution! Medication! How to Treat a Cold (ODS)

If you catch a cold when you start drinking hot milk in liters mixed with honey, soar your legs and have handfuls of aspirin, you need to urgently stop. After all, in this way you do not cure, but cripple your body

Influenza is a serious illness: it does not go away for at least two weeks, accompanied by fever, chills, nausea and muscle pain. Another thing - SARS: runny nose, cough, not too high fever - in a word, not a disease, but nonsense. Why go to the doctor, take a sick leave, if you can eat plenty of antiviral drugs and run to work the next day?

That is what most of us think and do. Alas, we are making a serious mistake. This is, at first glance, a completely non-dangerous disease, if it is started or treated incorrectly, it can lead to such unpleasant complications as heat stroke, internal bleeding, and even heart problems.

Caution: medication!

“All medicines that are sold over the counter are absolutely safe. The more I eat the tablets and drink the soluble powder, the sooner I will cure! ”Guided by these misconceptions, people with ARVI buy packs of antiviral drugs and take them beyond measure. And they forget that any pill, even the most harmless in appearance, is a "chemistry" that can bring not only benefits, but also harm.

Ascorbic acid is the cause of allergies. Vitamin C is the main fighter against viruses that cause colds. Everyone knows about this, some even think that if they eat a shock dose of ascorbic acid, ARVI will be held as if by magic. As a result, home-grown healers, sniffing a little with their nose and sneezing a couple of times, immediately run to the pharmacy and buy a dozen sachets of soluble or effervescent vitamin C. And they forget that, firstly, the body will never absorb more nutrients than it does required. So this is a waste of time and money. Secondly, against the background of a raging SARS, when all body systems are weakened, an overdose of ascorbic acid can lead to allergies, liver and blood problems.

Pills hit the immune system. Today, shelves in pharmacies are literally littered with all kinds of antiviral drugs. Therefore, at the first signs of a cold, most of us do not have the question "what to do?" We headlong rush for the medicine known to us and begin to take it according to the instructions. If you do the same, do not be surprised that SARS, instead of going through three days, torments you for a whole week. Miracle pills really fight viruses, but the problem is that there are thousands of these “pests”! There is no guarantee that the drug chosen at random is aimed at destroying the pathogens of your ARVI. However, the uncontrolled use of antiviral drugs is not only meaningless, but also a dangerous undertaking. Do not forget, any pill - albeit a small one, but still a blow to your liver (it cleanses the body of "chemistry"). If you are zealous with medicines, you risk incapacitating it.

By the way, immunomodulators (tablets and potions to strengthen the body's defenses) are not as harmless as they seem. Now only the lazy do not drink them all year round for the prevention and treatment of colds. In such volumes, drugs become dangerous: they can “break” the human immune system. Doctors note that in recent years, the number of autoimmune diseases (in which the body produces bodies that destroy healthy tissues) has increased significantly. And immunomodulators are partly to blame for this.

Antibiotics do not work . You have a date tomorrow, an important conversation with the boss, a plane to the Maldives (underline what you need), and a suddenly catching cold threatens to put an end to your plans. No wonder you decided on the last resort - antibiotics. Not the most useful, but a killer pill will surely put you on your feet! This is a monstrous mistake. Antibiotics are directed against bacteria, they treat tonsillitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, but not SARS, because this is a viral disease. You can eat even a ton of pills, but your cold won't go anywhere. At the same time, the antibiotic will act like a tractor, indiscriminately killing all the beneficial bacteria that live in your body. And this is fraught with dysbiosis.

Having decided to be treated with an antibiotic, think that bacteria, like cockroaches, are very tenacious: they gradually get used to the poison, mutate, mutate and eventually stop responding to it. Therefore, you should not once again feed your body with killer pills. Otherwise, when you really need antibiotic treatment, they will no longer work.

Do not bring down the temperature with aspirin. Another common mistake associated with the treatment of SARS is a manic desire to bring down the temperature. Of course, the heat is not the most pleasant thing that has happened to you in life, however, until the column on the thermometer has exceeded the mark of 38.5 ° C , you should endure it. A vaporized forehead is a sign that the body has mobilized its protective forces and is trying in every way to destroy viruses that die at high temperature. By lowering it, you will feel a temporary improvement, but in fact you will prolong the course of the disease, because the unfinished “infection” will continue to dwell in your body.

If the temperature is still too high (39 ° C or more), it must be brought down, but only in no case aspirin. Remember once and for all: all over the world, doctors prescribe acetylsalicylic acid to thin the blood, and only in Russia they take it as an antipyretic. Apparently, this habit has remained with us since the Soviet era, when in pharmacies it was impossible to find anything but greenback and aspirin. The latter, by the way, if you overdo it with a dose, it can cause internal bleeding.

Powders cause vomiting. Soluble powders with the taste of raspberries, apples, honey and lemon - here it is, a panacea for SARS! I drank three bags - and you feel great. You can return to your usual business: go to work, run around the shops and meet girlfriends in a cafe. Remember, the feeling of full recovery is deceptive. Such drugs only relieve symptoms: paracetamol, which is part of them, reduces the temperature, phenylephrine eliminates nasal congestion, and pheniramine - pain and aching joints.

However, powders do not affect the virus itself. They are good for emergency cases when you need to recover for a couple of hours and be in shape: for example, if your boss urgently called you, you need to meet your mother from the train or pick up the child from the kindergarten. But they can not be treated. First, by eliminating the symptoms, these drugs make it impossible for the body to fight viruses on its own. Secondly, you will drink more on a bag - and you can get an unpleasant bunch of side effects: allergies, nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, increased pressure and urinary retention.

Drops dry the mucosa. A stuffy nose is perhaps the most unpleasant symptom of SARS. Nobody wants to toss and turn without sleep, not being able to breathe, catch air in their mouths and gundos, so cold people are abusing vasoconstrictive drops with might and main. And in vain. Runny nose, like temperature, is a protective reaction: together with unpleasant mucus flowing from the nose, our body is freed from viruses. And drops stop this process. However, this is not the only danger. There is a great risk of getting used to such drugs. If this happens suddenly, you have every chance of getting a chronic runny nose. And the abuse of vasoconstrictors is fraught with atrophy of the nasal mucosa. Drops dry it and thereby reduce the protective function. Having freed yourself from the infection that is tormenting you at the moment, you will immediately pick up some new virus: they are known to be transmitted by airborne droplets. If you do not want to get sick all year, do not get carried away with drops.

Don't listen grandma

You are deeply mistaken if you think that herbal inhalations, mustard plasters, teas with honey and other alternative methods of treating acute respiratory viral infections, unlike tablets, are absolutely safe, because they contain only plant components and not a single gram of “chemistry”. Grandmother's recipes can also worsen the course of the disease.

Do not drink alcohol. Do not listen to your beloved, exhorting you: “Sweetheart, a glass of pepper vodka or a glass of hot mulled wine is the best cure for the common cold!” Of course, some people have a small amount of alcohol to cope with the disease. Still, alcohol has a disinfecting, antiseptic effect. But this does not mean that a medicine with a degree will suit you. Not only do hot drinks weaken the immune system, alcohol also does not in the best way affect the sore throat: it irritates the mucous membrane, which means you are guaranteed a coughing attack after a shot of vodka!

But if you don’t have an antipyretic on hand, you can dilute the vodka in half with water and wipe the body with this solution. After the procedure, blood vessels expand and blood flow increases - heat transfer increases. So you will bring down the temperature.

Forget the milk. Three cups of hot milk with honey and four cups of tea with raspberry jam - the body was covered with perspiration, the stomach was heavy, but you are as happy as a boa constrictor: “Tomorrow I will be fine! Drinking plenty of water helps to cope with the disease, because toxins poisoning the body leave the body along with sweat and urine! ”You would hardly have tortured yourself in this way if you knew that roasting drinks further injure a sore throat.

Drinking should be warm, but not hot. In addition, many people in the body lack an enzyme responsible for the processing of milk. If you relate to them, do not doubt that you will get indigestion and diarrhea as a bonus to SARS. As for honey and jam, they are not as good as they seem. A large amount of sweets provokes a sharp release of insulin into the bloodstream, which inevitably follows, as doctors say, a failure. It is characterized by drowsiness and loss of strength. And these symptoms against the background of a raging disease will only worsen well-being.

To recover as quickly as possible, you need to drink plenty of warm still water. The average amount of fluid needed per day for a healthy person is calculated based on body weight - 30 ml per kilogram. It turns out that a woman weighing about 70 kg needs 2 liters per day. If she is unwell, add another 500 ml.

Do not sweat. Some sick comrades think that monstrously hot sweet drinks are not enough. To recover at a phenomenal speed, they act completely radically: after drinking the burning milk, they immediately put on woolen socks, sweaters and wrap themselves in rugs. Fans of sweating are guided by the rule: the more you sweat, the sooner you will get on your feet. On the one hand, this is a correct assumption, but on the other hand, heat transfer processes are disturbed in a person wrapped in a “cocoon”. And this contributes to a sharp deterioration in well-being, up to a loss of consciousness! Therefore, you should not dress like the North Pole. With an increase in body temperature, everything must be done so that the body has the opportunity to lose heat: clothing should be free and light.

And you should also air the room as often as possible in order to clean it from "your own" viruses. The optimum temperature in the room is 20-22 ° C.

Treatment by the rules

Stay at home for three days. You will be able to completely recover from SARS no earlier than in a week. If you cannot afford to spend all this time at home in bed, try not to at least go outside the first three days. This period is considered the peak of the disease, when the body is especially weak, because all its forces go to the fight against the virus.

If you rush along the streets, you risk earning a bunch of complications . Knock down the temperature with paracetamol. You can reduce too high a temperature with paracetamol or drugs based on it. Unlike aspirin, it does not thin the blood.

Call the doctor. Only a doctor can determine exactly which virus caused your disease, and choose the right drug that quickly puts on its feet. Without a prescription, you can take only liquid interferon, after diluting it in water. For the body, it is safer than other antiviral agents.

Do inhalation. On the 3-5th day after the onset of the disease, proceed to steam inhalations, which facilitate coughing and sputum discharge. Alternate eucalyptus and soda: the former loosens mucus well, the latter softens the throat, writes Newsland.

Drip in the nose. To eliminate nasal congestion, oil-based drops will help you, which, unlike the others, do not dry the mucous membrane. The ideal option is to alternate such drugs with absolutely safe and non-addictive saline solutions.

Eat foods with vitamins. Take vitamin C without exceeding the daily dose - 60-70 mg. By the way, it is more useful to get ascorbic acid not from tablets, but from products: freshly squeezed juices diluted with water (1 cup per day), sauerkraut (400 g), bell pepper (1 large fruit).