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Our body is imperfect

Наше тело несовершенно

Dual pharyngeal function

The fact that we use the same channel - the pharynx - for eating and breathing, cost the lives of millions of people who died from accidental suffocation while eating.

Inability to biosynthesis of vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital - it plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen, and is also an antioxidant. However, human organisms (as well as primates, guinea pigs, some species of bats and birds) during the course of evolution lost the ability to produce it themselves and were forced to consume it from the outside. A lack of vitamin C leads to a weakening of the immune system and, in particularly severe cases, to scurvy.

Наше тело несовершенно

Inconvenient urinary canal in men

The urinary tract in the body of a man passes through the prostate gland instead of bending around it - as a result, swelling of the canal (for example, due to inflammation) blocks sexual function.

The close proximity of the genitals and the outlet of the rectum

This "neighborhood" is uncomfortable and unhygienic and leads to the spread of urinary tract infections and bladder infections, especially in women (remember, ladies, front to back).

Наше тело несовершенно

The versatility of our genitals

The use of the same organs for the removal of waste and reproduction, perhaps, is justified from the point of view of design, but delivers a lot of trouble during operation. For example, in the process of sexual intercourse, bacteria can get into the urethra, which leads to infections of the genital tract, chlamydia, microplasmosis and much more.

Very narrow channel of procreation

The deliveries of women are very painful - and all because mother nature has endowed human females with a too narrow birth canal. In addition to discomfort, this feature of the anatomy increases the risk of birth injuries to the mother and child. Apparently, the excessive narrowness of the birth canal is a consequence of the rapid evolutionary jump of a person from quadrangular to bipedal.

Наше тело несовершенно

Spinal congestion

Evolution gave a man a straight walk, and a straight walk rewarded him with back problems. Paleontologist Bruce Latimer explains: “When people began to move vertically, their spine evolved to become more rigid and adapted, for example, for climbing trees and rocks. However, in order to maintain the body above the waist in a straight position, to hold the head and not to hinder childbirth, the spinal column should not be straight, but curved forward, as in lordosis, that is, have a 3 shaped shape. All that people wear above the waist creates pressure on the spine, which leads to stoop, curvature, chronic fatigue and back pain. Even if you take very good care of your back, the spine can function for 40-50 years without any problems. ”

Excessive device complexity of human legs

Anthropologist Jeremy DeSilva of Boston University says: "Our legs contain so many details." Because our ancestor-primates needed it to move along the branches of trees. But since we got off the trees "and began to walk hard ground, the foot is changed to become more sustainable. The thumb was no longer opposed to the rest of the fingers, and the arch of the foot began to work as a shock absorber. However, the problem is that there are still too many moving parts and ligaments in the legs, whose role in the movement of modern man is not too important. As a result, we have such "nice" things as ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, broken ankles, etc.

Наше тело несовершенно

Knees are not very

The reason is the same - overload due to upright walking, which complicates the functioning of the knee joints. We are forced to distribute our weight in just two limbs, which leads to pain and arthritis.

Only one set of teeth

You have only one set of teeth for a lifetime - and according to statistics you can save it as a whole up to a maximum of 35 years. Teeth are not updated - another proof that evolution has assigned people only one main function: the birth of children and (rather short ) a period of concern for them. And nothing more.

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